Monday, 31 March 2014

"Bridal Shower for Jesrina"

Another order from Raja Johanna and this time its a cake! Celebrating the upcoming nuptials of her younger sister, Raja Jesrina, Johanna had organised a bridal shower for Jess. She wanted a cake to celebrate the occassion and she wanted the cake to have all of Jess' favourite things.
The mandatory items on the cake were HP laptop, white Chanel bag and makeup, especially eye makeup. The cake was a vanilla bean cake with white chocolate ganache. I started off the cake with sculpting the laptop. Mind you, a closed lap top actually looks easy but somehow it didn't out that way for me. For some reason, I had so much problems with my fondant. Due to the current hot and dry spell happening in Selangor, my fondant was so dry and started to crack almost immediately after I covered the cake. It was indeed a very challenging cake for me.
I was quite frustrated with the circumstances but I couldn't give up. Even if it meant that I had to recover the cakes again because the cracks on the fondant was so bad that I couldn't accept such  standard in my work. The make-up part was the easiest but I couldn't spend more time on that part of the cake as I was running out of time. I am glad though that I still managed to finish the cake but it wasn't my best effort.
The aerial view of my cake
I actually had the eye makeup cover printed on sugar paper but it couldn't be seen from this view. The laptop turned out okay and it was my favourite part of the cake.
The white Chanel Classic handbag

The back view of my cake

And the makeup with the brushes
Jess loved the detailing I did on the cake but I wished I could have done a better job for her! Now, am busy preparing for Jess the cupcakes doorgifts for her akad nikah ceremony this month. Its going to be a hectic first half of April for me. Do stay tune for that post later this month!!

"Sugar Cookies Fit For A Princess"

This was the first order I agreed to take after my carpal tunnel release surgery. Raja Johanna ordered these chocolate decorated cookies to celebrate the arrival of her baby girl last December 2013. She marked the arrival of baby Zahira, full name Tengku Zahira Eusnie by hosting a Majlis Aqiqah & Cukur Jambul for her relatives and close friends on the 16th of March 2014.
The theme colour was pink and the rest she left it up to me to decide the design and combination of theme colours. Her only other specification was to have baby related shape for my cookies. At first, I was kind of worried committing myself to this order because of my hand, which is not fully healed and also the water rationing in Selangor, but I planned and organised myself with this order. I was quite proud actually that I managed to get this order done despite my predicament.
I started off earlier in the week by baking the chocolate cookies. Since we were experiencing water rationing, I wanted to get the cookies done while we had water. Thank goodness, the cookies turned out well and we managed to finish our baking in 2 days as I split them into two batches. I even baked a few extra pieces in the event of breakages. My idea was to have 6 different cookie shapes with each shape comprising of 25 cookies. The cookie shapes I made were pacifiers, baby rattles, onesies, butterflies, prams & teddy bears. I also had the thank you tags customised and printed by a professional printer. The theme colours I chose for the cookies were baby pink, light grey and white.
The onesies in pink

The butterflies

The baby rattles

The baby prams

The baby pacifier

The teddy bear

The cookies all individually packed with thank you tags
Thanks again for the order, Johanna!