Friday, 29 August 2014

"Cakes I Made Before Bangkok"

I haven't been blogging for the last two months. Truth is, I've been so busy with the preparation of Ramadhan (fasting month for Muslims), the celebration of Eid and preparing for our move to Bangkok, Thailand. Yes, as am blogging this entry, I am no longer in Kuala Lumpur but am now based in Bangkok. Our family have moved to Bangkok earlier this month. Although I look forward to experiencing my new life here, I will surely miss my old life back in Kuala Lumpur.
The first adjustment for me is not being a working mom anymore. Yes, am now a full time mom and wife and I do hope with more time in my hands, I can pursue my love of cake making in this lovely Land of Smiles. I did however, make two cakes before I left.
The first one was for my son, Alex's or Haziq's 13th birthday celebration. I couldn't decide what cake to make for him as it was supposed to be a surprise. In the end, I decided to make a replica of him lazing around in his room.
Alex and his mobile phone lazing on a bed

Side view of Alex in his jeans

My dad says the sugar figure is a replica of my son

Aerial view of the cake

The cake was a hit with my family and we organised for him a small tea party and invited only immediate family members. I was happy because I made my son happy. The smile on his face is worth the time spent making this cake.
Happy Belated 13th Birthday, Alex. I hope being thirteen will turn you into a more balanced, matured, intelligent and wonderful young man you already are. I love you to bits and wish you the best experiences in life as you make your journey towards adulthood. I know you will definitely love your new school in Bangkok!
The other cake I did was a dinosaurs themed cake ordered by a family friend, Juwita. Her son, Ridthuan is fascinated by dinosaurs and she had organised a dino themed birthday party. I asked Juwita to pass me Riri's dino toys so that I could replicate them. It was quite a daunting task as dinos are not that easy to make and its very time consuming to make them. I know this as I have made a dino cake before and I spent most of my time on the dinos. With this in mind, I started on the sugar dinos earlier and even though I promised Juwita that I would only make two sugar dinos, I actually managed to pull off three dinos for Riri. An accomplishment for me. Yeay!
Full view of the dinosaurs themed cake for Ridthuan
Side view of the cake

The T-Rex up close all made by sugar and airbrushed to create the colour tones on the T-Rex

I managed to make the T-Rex stand!!! An achievement for me :)
The stegosaurus with the spikes on the body was quite tedious to make but I wanted to replicate the dino as close as I could get the dino toy I had
This dino species is called the triceratops
 Juwita was so thrilled with the cake and so was birthday boy. Her party guests were amazed that the dinosaurs are actually made of sugar! This was what Juwita wrote on my FB page, "This was the best cake ever! Not only it was breathtaking to look at (a lot of Ooh Aaah when we unveiled the cake), it also tasted amazing! Thank you so much! It was riri's dream cake!"
Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment, Juwita. I guess that's all from me for now. I will be updating my blog from Bangkok from now on and hopefully am able to continue my cake making here. Wish me luck, peeps!!
Till the next time,
Elinna Bahrin