Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Cakes I Made Since Moving to Bangkok

This is my first fondant cake made since I moved to Bangkok. I am still undecided on whether I should continue the Pink Ellies business here but I do miss my old hectic days of trying to meet a cake dateline. Am still getting used to the kitchen here but it definitely can't compare to the beautiful kitchen my husband gave me at my house in Malaysia. I do miss the space and size complete with the amenities of my kitchen back home. My kitchen here is not really equipped for cake modelling or decorating. Despite having to adjust to my new surroundings and situation, I still managed to make this cake for a friend in celebration of his 34th birthday. Not one of my best efforts but it will have to do for the occasion. The cake is chocolate with peanut buttercream filling coated with dark Belgian chocolate ganache.
The cake coated with chocolate ganache and ready to be covered

I chose a very light blue for the base colour

The present box is stencilled with a vine motif and I've added a lily design on the box

The cake all complete with platinum ribbon made of fondant
The next cake is my first cake order since I moved to Bangkok last August. This order was by Didi, who works for the Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok. Her daughter, Nadine turned 3 last October and Nadine wanted a princess cake in pink! Didi also wanted a buttercream cake. Since I wasn't able to attend Nadine's birthday party, I bought the Barbie princess doll as a birthday gift and made her skirt with rich chocolate cake decorated with swirls of sinful vanilla buttercream. I then airbrushed the icing in gradual pink to create an ombre effect. All in all, I was quite pleased with how the cake turned out. Didi and Nadine loved the cake!
Princess Barbie in pink

I made little rosette swirls as part of the princess' skirt and added little fondant flowers in white to enhance the 3D effect

The bottom of the skirt is made with gum paste to have the petticoat effect

The skirt is then airbrushed to create the different shades of pink or the "ombre' effect
The next cake was ordered by my neighbour, Niqman  as a surprise for his wife's birthday. He wanted a Chanel handbag in blue. He actually forwarded the handbag photo to me but somehow or rather I couldn't find the actual colour from the web. So, I decided to follow this colour, which was one of the designs on the web. The cake eventually became a gift from me and Bahrin as Niqman and Eliza have been one of our dearest friends since we moved to Bangkok. The cake was a rich chocolate cake with a tinge of coffee and the cake was covered in rich coffee laced chocolate ganache. We had a great time celebrating Eliza's birthday last month and I wish her many, many more blessed years to come.
Chanel handbag in electric blue

The back of the bag

A close-up view of the cake with the signature Chanel flower
I added some gold beads to the cake and dusted the base with a shimmery pearl dust
I also made another cake in October 2014 for my daughter, Hannah's 10th birthday. I have decided to write a separate post on the treats I did for Hannah and her classmates. Until then, thanks for reading my post!