Monday, 24 June 2013

"Super 70s"

I love the theme of this cake! I've always liked the 70s era. I was born in the 70s but never got a chance to experience the flower power age, disco era, bell bottoms, clashing of colours on outfits, great music and so on as I was too small then. However, as I got older, I learned about the 70s era and learned to appreciate the fashion statement, lifestyle and music in that era. Put it this way, how I wished I could have experienced the 70s era because it sounded like so much fun!

So, when I was asked to make this cake for Farah Alhabshi, I accepted the order even though it was a very last minute order. The cake was for the dad, Syed Elias Alhabshi's 70th birthday bash and the theme of the party was "Super 70s". She left the design to me and only gave me a few photos on the things that she would like to have on the cake. The cake was done in 2 tiers and both tiers had a different theme.

I decided to make the bottom tier to represent the flower power of the 70s era and the top tier had the disco theme. I even managed to get the mini disco balls on the cake as an added bonus! I found this really cool polka dots wrapper that I used as the base of the cake. This cake was actually relatively simple to do but since the weather was blistering hot, my sugarpaste kept cracking and it made my work more complicated. I spent more time than I predicted on the cake. It didn't help that I had a terrible migraine attack that day. Fortunately for me, the cake turned out quite nice and I was very happy with it.

This is what Farah had to say, "The cake was excellent btw! A real hit and it taste so good. Thank you so much again". I was very, very happy to get that feedback. Despite the challenges I had to go thru when making the cake, it was well worth it!! Thanks for the order, Farah and thanks Eliena for introducing me to your cousin.

The whole view of the 70s theme cake

The mini disco balls added sparkle to the cake just like a real discotheque

The polka dots base with the flower power bottom tier and disco theme top tier

The back view of the cake also has the disco dancing

I hope I'll get a chance to make another 70s themed cake. It was fun and would have been more enjoyable had the weather been nicer and my migraine non-existant :)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

"Haziq Turns 12"

My son, Haziq Iskandar Bahrin turned 12 last Saturday, 15th June 2013. This is a big year for Haziq. He will be eligible for his own identity card and that's already one step towards adulthood. I can't believe how fast time flies and he's growing up so fast. He's fast turning into a teenager with the way he talks, dress, the music he listens to and the smart answers he gives me! My husband, Bahrin and I knew he was really growing up when he told us that he has a crush with a girl in his class. I think we both aged overnight when he told us!! Our son is already talking about girls!!! What's next, we wonder???

He also listens to music that I've never heard of (signs that am getting older and out of touch with the younger generation) and is getting very vain about the way he looks. He refuses to have his hair trimmed at the barber but instead insist that we take him to a proper hair salon. His clothes must be colour coordinated and so on. To me, even with these changes, he's still my little boy.

Haziq has always been a compassionate boy. He gets that from my side of the family... Hehehe... He loves his grandparents dearly and I always consider him my parents' third child. He looks forward to every weekend so that he could sleepover at my parents. His bond with my parents started  from the day I brought him home from the hospital and stayed at my parents during my confinement period. Let's just say, even though he lives with me, his heart will always remain at my parents' home.

On the occasion of your 12th birthday Haziq, I wish you all the best for your coming exam in September, wish you all the joy and happiness in the coming years, wish you good health and I know you'll grow up to be a responsible and matured person with good manners, good etiquette and good religious foundation. May your life be blessed always, my boy... Love you always....

Early morning birthday breakfast of buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup

He chose to spend his birthday with 9 of his closest classmates at Galactic Laser, Sunway
Bahrin and I decided to let him spend his birthday with his closest buddies from class playing laser tag at Galactic Laser in Sunway Pyramid. I made a simple birthday cake for him with the Team Fortress 2 theme for him to share with his friends. We also had simple party favours for his friends after the game. All in, it was a good day for him. Simple but meaningful.

Haziq's TF 2 birthday cake
TF 2 is Haziq's favourite computer game at the moment
The party favors for Haziq's friends
Happy 12th Birthday, my dear Haziq.... I wish only the best for you and I know you will succeed in all your future endeavours...


Monday, 17 June 2013

"Sports Champ"

I've been really behind on my blog posts. I haven't had the time to actually sit and write about my cakes in the last two weeks. This cake was actually ordered by my neighbour in May. I totally missed out this cake in my last entry. Fida wanted a smiple cake for her son, Aidan's 1st birthday celebration. The theme was sports and she wanted the cake to be in 2D.

I actually made the cake to have a mix of 2D and 3D designs. The cake was very simple to make and I managed to finish it on time before I left for a short vacay with my family to Penang. The three sports theme that I chose was soccer, basketball and baseball. I also had a trophy cup incorporated in my design to signify Aidan as a sports champ!

Overall view of the cake

I had stars decorated on the sides

Basketball in the net

Baseball bat with the gloves and ball

Soccer ball with the grass

Aidan's trophy
Fida was very happy with how the cake looked and told me that the cake was super delish! I was very happy to hear that!! Yeay!! I look forward to your future orders, Fida... Thanks so much!!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

"Pom-poms & Clouds"

When I received this cupcake order for a pajama themed birthday party, I thought okay this should be fun to make. The concept is very different from my normal orders. Aziana wanted me to make mini pom-poms on sticks to be part of the cupcakes decoration. She wanted the colour theme to be white and grey and decided to have clouds on sticks too as part of the decoration. Initially, I was thinking to myself, "what a weird combination these cupcakes will be", but after I've done the mini pom-poms in white and grey, I actually loved the effect these pom-poms had on the cupcakes.

The clouds were very cute too. Instead of making these clouds with paper, I decided to make them with gumpaste and I had these clouds dusted with edible lustre and even added some silver sugar shimmer dust. The cupcakes were red velvet and the frosting was cream cheese.

The cupcakes with the pom-poms and clouds

Frontal view of the cupcakes

Side view and the clouds can be seen clearly from this angle

The frosting was also made to look like clouds
I had fun making the pom-poms and would love to use this idea again on another cake! Maybe for my daughter's or mom's birthday cake. Thanks for the order, Aziana and I hope you gals had lots of fun at the party :)