Monday, 16 June 2014

"Gift Box"

 A very simple cake I did for my friend, Yan, who wanted a fondant cake for her family's consumption. Yan has been one of my loyal customers right from our Jakarta days. These days, her kids are already big and she doesn't have any more birthday parties. She does however, still orders my vanilla cake from time to time. She is one person who wants fondant on the cake even though there's no special occasion for the cake.
Truth is, Yan loves to eat the fondant part of the cake!! The only one I know so far! Most people I know throw away the fondant part and just eat the actual cake part. In a way, am glad that Yan doesn't waste all the sugar used. That's the most expensive part of the cake actually.
The cake I made for her this time is a mini gift box in fuchsia. I had the sides of the decorated like Moroccan tiles and the top had a grey suggar ribbon with white roses. 

"Drum Snare"

My cousin, Liza, ordered this drum snare cake for her eldest, Faris' 14th birthday last on 17th May 2014. The cake was a replica (sort of replica) of Faris' drum snare. She wanted me to make the cake the same colours as his drum set complete with the brand - DW Drums.
This was actually a last minute order and even though I have slowed down from making cakes, I decided to go ahead and accept this order. I've known Faris since he was a baby and I felt really bad if I couldn't make a birthday cake for him. Mind you, Faris has some very high standards and I had to make sure the snare looked real enough.
This was actually a simple cake and I completed in just a few hours. The only challenge I had with this cake was my airbrush machine. It sort of failed on me. As a result, I had to brush the sides of the cake with edible red lustre dust to create the shiny effect. I guess I was quite happy with how it turned out, but using the airbrush would've have created a nicer effect. 
I also made the drumsticks which was actually 2 chopticks wrapped in gum paste. The gum paste was the coloured with dusting powder to create the wood effect. I loved how the drumsticks turned out! They looked realistic enough to pass as the real thing!
Whole view of the cake
Closer view of the cake
A close-up of the drumsticks

The cake itself was a rich chocolate cake with dark belgium chocolate ganache. Happy Belated Birthday, Faris! Hope you had a great time celebrating...