Thursday, 27 February 2014

"One Direction"

A cake ordered by my friend, Sarah for her daughter's 11th birthday celebration. Sarah's only daughter, Alysha, is the biggest fan of One Direction. Hence, the 1D theme cake requested by her. Its actually a fairly simple cake to execute. I designed the cake with these theme colours of red, black, white and silver. I made a two tier cake, with the first tier made to look like a platform for the upper tier. I had chosen a few 1D images and had them printed into a film strip and placed this strip around the upper tier cake.
The main item I had on the cake was an edible cut out of the One Direction boys popping out of the top tier cake. I also added a few stars as an added decoration on the cake. The cake is all vanilla bean flavoured with vanilla buttercream and coated with white chocolate. Happy Belated Birthday, Alysha!

The One D boys popping out of the cake

The many images of One D, which I have arranged into a film reel 

The overall view of the 1D cake
This was my last cake before I took a hiatus from baking and making cakes. Am currently on a month break and hope to return to my cakes in March 2014. I had to undergo a minor carpal tunnel release surgery for my right hand two weeks ago and am currently resting my hand. I hope the surgery will solve all the numbness that I have been expereiencing in the last few months. Wish me a speedy recovery ya!!

I look forward to a great 2014 and I hope this year will be kind to me :)

Take care peeps!!

Pink Ellies

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

"English Roses"

This cake order came as a surprise to me as out of the blue, my friend from Jakarta, Azah sent me a BBM text to request an engagement cake for her sister. Azah rarely sent texts to anybody, so it was quite shocking to get a message from her.
She wanted an English themed cake and actually sent me a photo of how the cake should look like. Her sister wanted me to copy the cake exactly like the photo. Truthfully, am not too keen in copying another person's work. I actually look at other cake photos to get some ideas on how my cake should be. Since this was a request made by my customer, I had no choice but to follow the sample cake photo. Which I did, but only up to certain details. The rest I added my own touch to it and I was actually quite happy with how the cake turned out.
The cake had so many roses on it that I was worried how the cake would turned out. Its not a very big cake, mind you. Its about 7" in diameter and 3" in height but the cake had 2 big sized roses, 6 medium sixed roses, 5 small sized roses, 10 hydrageas and 10 blossoms! That's quite a sum for such a small cake. On top of the flowers, Azah wanted the sides all around the cake to be decorated with lace patterns made with a mix of fondant and royal icing.

The whole view of the engagement cake

The sides of the cake made to look like lace
A close-up at the flower arrangement on the cake

Another view of my cake
I am so glad to hear that your sister loves the cake, Azah! Congratulations to her on her recent engagement and it was great meeting up with you that day. It has been a long time since we've caught up!!

It was a sweet and short catch-up!!

"A Cake for Tok Andak"

I haven't been making cakes for a while now.  My last cake before this one was the owl birthday cake I did for my niece, Iman. January was a very hectic month for me as my kids start their new school year and I am still without help!
As far as I can say, am so glad that January is over and February is here. The kids are finally settled in their new school year routine and my life will be back to normal when my maid eventually comes back on the 10th of February.

I actually did squeeze in 2 cakes in January. The first cake I made was on the last weekend of January at the request of  my dad. He wanted me to make a simple cake for his uncle, Andak (Tan Sri Rozhan bin Kuntom) or known to us as Tok Andak for his birthday celebration to be held on the next Sunday, the 26th of January 2014. Tok Andak is very sickly now and his son (my dad's cousin) wanted to commemorate his birthday with having all of his father's close relatives over for a birthday lunch. As a token for the occassion, my dad thought a cake would be a nice gesture. Something personal from him and our family.
So, with very short notice and no game plan, I whipped up this very simple cake. I made a lemon cake with vanilla buttercream. When my dad asked me how much did he owe me for the cake, I was horrified!! Of course, the cake was free!! A small contribution from Pink Ellies!!!
The simple cake made to look like a gift box

The tag on the cake

Another view of the cake
I was quite happy with the cake despite starting to bake the cake at 5 pm on Saturday, I still managed to finish the cake by 11 am the next morning in time for delivery to my parents' home.