Wednesday, 29 April 2015

"Anouk's Flower Garden"

I haven't been blogging for a while now. I find that the more I stay at home, the less likely I am to get myself connected to my laptop. Its easier to access the internet through my iphone or ipad. In other words, I am getting LAZY! I have however, made a few cakes in the last few months but most of the cakes or cupcakes I've made are for charity or as gifts to friends. Business has been slow and I haven't also made the effort to market my cakes to new friends or acquaintances. Truth is, I hate my kitchen here. Its not really equipped to support my cake making business. Its small and doesn't have the right table and area for me to do my cakes. Oh and another thing, my kitchen is so freaking hot. The heat in this building during the day is unbearable. I miss my big, airy and equipped kitchen in Malaysia. The kitchen here demotivates me and always makes me think twice about taking any orders. On the good side, I hope to move out of this apartment in the city and move to a suburb nearby my children's school. I hope to get a house and am currently busy looking at options. A year living in chaotic downtown Bangkok is enough. I much prefer the quiet and small closed community that I used to have back home. The area we'll be moving to is somewhat like that and is located about 30-40 mins (without traffic) away from downtown Bangkok.

I started out 2015 with a cake for one of Hannah's bestie in class. Anouk is of mix parentage, her dad is French-Swiss and her mom is Chinese Singaporean. They are also new to Bangkok and just moved from New York. Tzen, Anouk's mom left the design of the cake to her daughter. Anouk celebrated her 10th birthday on 2nd of February 2015. She had since November last year booked me to make a birthday cake for her. She was so amazed with Hannah's birthday cookies that she wanted no one else but me to make the cake for her. Its quite amazing that she sketched a cake design complete with the colours for me to intepret into a 3D sugar creation. I am amazed at Anouk's creativity. I had a good 2D rendering to base my design on. The cake was chocolate with vanilla filling and Belgian milk chocolate ganache. This was a fun cake to make and I enjoyed every moment of making it.
This was the sketch made by Anouk for her cake

This was the cake I made based on her sketch
She wanted her dog, Combi to be part of the cake and also a cute birdie

The sides of the cake was decorated with flower petals and flower plants

Overall view of the cake
I don't know what 2015 will bring for me and Pink Ellies Novelty Cakes but for sure, I now am more selective of my customers and I do appreciate that I do have the option of accepting or not taking orders. I will not stop making cakes but I need to find a better footing and a better kitchen first!
Wish me the best, peeps!

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